Ampack, for complete protection of the building shell.

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These days, a house builder not only expects his home to offer a pleasant living environment, but also to be not too moist, but not too dry. A fresh breeze may be appreciated out in the open, but not in your own cosy living room. We expect a house to offer security and safety, with the certainty that all the building physics issues have been resolved by construction experts, competently, reliably and durably. That's why we specialists at Ampack have been developing systems and solutions for over half a century, eliminating all the problems surrounding the protection of the building, professionally and securely.

Saving money when creating the air-tight building envelope often means extra costs later on, with repair work and higher energy consumption. Build on quality, durability and reliability. If the house is fully protected, the builder is completely satisfied.

Andreas B. Deschwanden

Ampack AG, Seebleichestrasse 50, CH-9401 Rorschach, Tel. +41 (0)71 858 38 00, Fax +41 (0)71 858 38 37,